Carbon is the building block of life.
At C-Wise, short for CARBON WISE, it is our mission to educate and create built environments in a manner that deepens our respect for the natural world, to handle carbon with care.

C-Wise: Handling Carbon with Care 

C-Wise specializes in green building consulting, with an emphasis on LEED Certification for buildings in Central and Eastern Iowa.  We advise developers, architects, contractors and engineers on green building principles throughout design and construction as well as manage the documentation of compliance with LEED requirements.  C-Wise also provides residential and small commercial green design services.    

LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

LEED is a nationally recognized Green Building Rating System that provides a means of measuring and verifying how green your building is. LEED was launched by the US Green Building Council in 1998 and has since grown into a worldwide movement to green our buildings.

For more information, browse the
USGBC website.

LEED Consultation

Green Building is a new discipline to many in the construction industry. We are all crunched for time to develop a project on time and on budget. How in the world can you integrate another set of expectations?

A LEED consultant can help you and your Building Team learn how to cost-effectively integrate LEED into your project.

Our extensive experience provides us with a deep and broad knowledge base which is necessary for the efficient and effective execution of LEED. LEED is not just a plaque; it is a way of thinking and at C-Wise we don’t just talk about sustainability, we live it. That is a difference our clients can count on.

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